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5 Signs You May Have Roof Damage

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Residential Roofing

Do you have roof damage? You need to know before the “floodgates” open, costing you serious money. Repairing and replacing property losses due to a damaged roof can range from $1000 to $30 thousand. But more important than the financials, it can displace your family and affect feelings of safety in your own home.

Spot roof damage early to minimize cost with these five essential signs.

Shingle Appearance

It may be time to get up close and personal with your Calgary roof. Some damage is more accessible to spot at a distance. Inspect your shingles regularly, both from the ground and on a ladder, if possible.

What You Can See from the Ground

You may have to stand out next to the street or further, depending upon the height and slant of your roof. Look for dark or light spots on the ceiling that seem out of place. These could suggest that shingle has broken off, leaving only the roof underlayment to protect your home from severe water damage. If you see these patches, it won’t be long before water starts entering your home.

From a distance, you may also see shingles buckling and curling. This is a clear sign of shingles that have outlived their usefulness.

What You Can See Up Close

If you can see some damage from the ground, you may be shocked when you take a closer look.

You’re likely to see pockmarks from severe hail damage.

Many shingles will likely be cracked. The roofing nails may still be holding down the separated sections. But those sections aren’t able to do their jobs. And very soon pieces will break off, causing more random patches.

Shingle Fragments

If you find shingle fragments in your gutters, this can be one of the earliest signs of roof damage.

Small fragments break off and may have gone unnoticed, except for the fact that they accumulated in a single location — your gutter.

If you see shingle fragments when you clean the gutters, take a closer look for roof damage.

Mould & Mildew Problems

Mould and mildew problems can likely be traced back to water entering your home. Track these invaders back to try to locate the origin of the invasion.

Mould in the home isn’t something to be taken lightly. Mould removal can cost anywhere between $750 and $7500. And it’ll keep coming back if you don’t treat the source.

It’s better to get your roof checked and repaired, rather than enduring ongoing mould and mildew issues.

Obvious Leaks

Keep an eye out for visible leaks.

Is water running down an inside wall during a heavy rainstorm of spring snowmelt? Is it collected in vents that lead to the outside, like that those in your bathroom?

You may have roof damage or cracked flashings.


Walk into your attic, if possible.  Can you see sunshine peaking through the roof? That’s a sure sign that you have roof damage.

Repairing Roof Damage

Spot damage early with these five tips. Letting it go un-remedied can cost you a lot more than the expense of patching or replacing your roof.

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