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How to Choose the Perfect Siding for Your Calgary Home

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Siding Installation

Over the course of a year, Calgary spans from temperatures of -30 Degrees Celsius to +30 degrees Celsius. Your closet may be prepared for those great spans in temperatures and weather. But what about your home?

Houses in Calgary can’t just be built with aesthetics in mind. They also need durability. And the kind of siding that you choose for your home is key for it to last.

There are a lot of options for siding Calgary homes. We’ll tell you how to be sure you’re picking the right siding for your house so it can endure whatever Calgary may throw at it.

1. Curb Appeal

It’s important that you like the way your siding looks. It is the first impression your home makes, after all.

First, you need to decide what kind of look you want your home to have. Do you like a more traditional look like vinyl or brick? Or something more modern like metal?

Once you know what style you’re going for, you can narrow down to a smaller selection of materials to choose from.

2. Weather Resistant

Most importantly, the siding you choose needs to be able to take some hits without falling apart.

This includes being able to handle temperature shifts, being water-resistant, and being durable against daily wear and tear. If your siding has these features, it will guarantee a much longer lifespan.

3. Energy Saving

If you’re looking to cut down costs, in the long run, be sure to pick siding that will save some energy.

To reduce the amount of energy lost through your walls, you can go with an insulated siding. This tends to work best with vinyl siding on top, as it covers the insulation better than most.

This will increase the total cost of your siding. But it will save you on energy bills in the future.

4. Easy Installation

Trying to do this DIY? Make sure the siding you choose isn’t too complicated to install.

Even if you’re hiring someone to install the siding, being sure the installation isn’t too complicated can save you some money. The longer and harder the process, the more you pay.

The best type of siding for installation should be low maintenance. It will save you some major headaches both now and later on.

5. Fits Your Budget

Siding comes in all shapes and sizes. And some of those may not fit your budget.

Be sure to look at the total price of the materials you’re interested in before pulling the trigger. For example, some wood sidings require special coatings for fire and water resistance.

Siding Calgary Homes Perfectly

Your home can be both beautiful and lasting. And keeping these five factors in mind for siding Calgary homes will ensure you pick the best option for your home.

If you’re considering getting professional help with your siding installation, contact us today. We’ll be sure to give your home the perfect new look that will last.