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What To Know Before Your Eavestroughs Installation

If you’re a homeowner, water is enemy No. 1. Torrential downpours can destroy the structure of your home, infecting it with rot and mold. But proper eavestroughs installation acts as a shield against water damage. Eavestroughs don’t add much curb appeal, but they’re vitally important. They collect rainwater from your roof and direct the torrent away from your home. Leaking or poorly positioned gutters can lead to expensive problems. Make sure you regularly clean debris from your home’s eavestroughs. If you notice any loose joints or broken pieces, repair them immediately. You won’t need to replace your eavestroughs often if you take care them.

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Roofing terms aren’t exactly thrown around in everyday language so you should try to familiarize yourself with a few words. Here are some terms you should know:

  • Downspout – the pipe that carries water away from the gutter.
  • Eavestroughs – also called gutters. They run alongside your roof and help protect your home from water damage.
  • Fascia – the exposed board that runs horizontally along the bottom of the roof
  • Soffit – the exposed siding that runs along the bottom of your roof.

“You really need to keep your gutters clean,” Bill Bartlett, president of Home ReBuilders of Atlanta, said. “When the water backs up, the first place it wants to go is the fascia board.” Knowing basic information about your roof will help you when the time comes for your next eavestroughs installation. Keep reading for some tips!

Prepare Your Roof

If you’re going to have new gutters installed, you need to remove the old ones. This should be done carefully to avoid damaging your house. Once the old gutters are removed, inspect your roof for things like wood rot and shingle damage. Any issues must be taken care of before your installation.

Know Where the Water’s Going

Look at your property and consider where you want the runoff to go. Rainwater is often guided underground, but you can choose to recycle it instead. Just position a barrel below your downspout.

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Know Your Measurements

Before you can buy material for your eavestroughs installation, you’ll need to figure out your “gutter run.” That means you’ll need to measure out the exact length your gutters will need to be. Precise measurements matter. Jump on a ladder and get a partner to help you measure each section.

Choose Your Materials

Do you want a sturdy, cast-iron gutter? Or would you rather work with an easier material like plastic? Here are some of your options:

  • Aluminum: Preferred by most roofers. Lightweight. Can be constructed without joints.
  • Plastic: Easy for non-professionals to install. Requires minimal maintenance but is vulnerable to harsh weather.
  • Cast Iron: Sturdy and traditional. Prone to rusting.
  • Copper: Enjoyed for its bright colour. Easy to install.

Consider Hiring a Professional

When you’re ready to replace your gutters, you’ll have two choices. You can hire a professional roofer, or you can turn it into a do-it-yourself project. Most DIY gutters are made out of plastic. They work in a pinch but become brittle in the cold and need to be often replaced. Industry professionals swear by aluminum gutters. They aren’t damaged by harsh weather, and they never rust. Seamless, customizable eavestroughs can be created with professional machinery. Using a professional is the best way to ensure that your gutters never leak. Improper installations will cause trouble during harsh winters or wet springs.

Understand Why Your Eavestroughs Installation Matters

Gutters protect your home from rainwater, shielding the structure from the damage that occurs when water seeps into the frame. Proper installation can save you thousands of dollars. If you’re Calgary homeowner, give us a call at (587) 433-9746. Our experienced team will help guide you through every step of the process. Also, make sure to keep reading our blog for more roofing tips, including advice on choosing the best shingles.


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