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Did you know adding a deck to your home can add significant value to your home? In addition to home value, a deck adds a space to entertain and spend quality time with your family.

It can be a little scary to make decisions about adding a deck to your home, as there are many styles and materials to choose from. One material you need to take a close look at is vinyl.

Are you weighing options regarding adding a deck to your home? Keep reading to find out why you should definitely choose vinyl decking in Calgary.

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Cut Maintenance Needs

If you don’t want to add a lot of chores to your list, choosing vinyl decking is probably for you. Using this material requires very limited upkeep and maintenance.

Once in place, all you will need to do is rinse it off at the start of each season. This eliminates the need for painting and staining that is common with other decking materials.

The limited maintenance means more time spent enjoying the outdoors with loved ones.


In addition to easy installation and limited maintenance, vinyl decking is also incredibly durable.

Have you ever had a friend spill wine or coffee on your carpet? Did it stain? The good news about vinyl decking is that it will not stain no matter what you spill on it.

It will also not dent if you drop objects on it nor will it scratch from things like chairs and pet nails.

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Safety for Kids and Others

Outdoor spaces usually serve as a meeting place for friends and families. Traditional decks, unfortunately, can lead to accidents like slips and splinters.

The great thing about vinyl is that even when it is wet, it is slip resistant. This is really useful if you build a deck around a pool. As it doesn’t use traditional nails and screws, there will be no sharp points to hit.

Finally, without wood, you can safely walk around with no shoes without the fear of splinters.

Aesthetic Material

Vinyl decking in Calgary can be created in nearly any colour. You can customize it to fit in with any style.

Choosing vinyl also allows you to get a similar grain and look of wood but in a much sleeker manner. The material will continue looking like new, instead of weathered and worn like what can occur with wood decks.

Cost Savings

If you are concerned with price, vinyl is also a smart choice. Vinyl often comes in two forms: solid and hollow. Both tend to be cheaper options than wood or metal options.

You will also save money by avoiding the regular maintenance these other materials required.

Get Started with Vinyl Decking in Calgary

If you were convinced about vinyl decking before, you should be now. The material will help you add value to your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

Ready to see your vinyl options for your own deck? Contact us and we would love to help you find the perfect choice for you.


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